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Watch Review: Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal

I never figured I would one day compare a mechanical watch to man-made reasoning, yet here goes. In today’s acculturated world, we have computerized reasoning dissecting our information to give content, item, and area recommendations custom fitted as we would prefer — and do much more, other than. The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m watch vows to hit a particularly sweet spot regarding specs and plan, it is nearly like it were planned by a calculation dependent on the absolute most common watch configuration demands shared on the Internet.

First Impressions

How so? It’s a particularly very much made dive/sports watch with some extraordinarily cool dial and case alternatives, a legitimate ETA development, GMT usefulness, case measurement of 40mm (the sweet spot for some — if you don’t mind do let us know you in the event that you are the special case), wristband and tie choices. Truly, the likeness to the absolute most successive solicitations shared under our Giveaway inquiries is simply uncanny. Proceeding onward to some legitimate initial introductions now.

It is a mitigating and upbeat second to have a watch establish an incredible first connection just subsequent to removing it from its case unexpectedly. I scorn hating watches since I know even the stuffiest, generally stood up of brands with the most pitiable dependence on an octagonal bezel have spent a reasonable piece of exertion on another item — just for it to now and again frustrate the crowd and at last its maker. Presently, envision a little startup of a watch brand that’s just in its sixh year of activity that depends colossally on the continuous help of its client base — which, thusly, is intensely subject to its progressing satisfaction.

The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT is a watch that establishes a fabulous first connection. Upon first sight, I was soothed by its compact extents and sensible weight, both reasonable for a comfortable wearing encounter when tied around a boringly normal human wrist. This was raised by the astounding, yet not exaggerated, teal-focused dial and light blue bezel. In the interim, the monstrous hands and huge files emanated certainty and usefulness. Initial introductions? A major tick, and the perfect introduction has just added to it.

Dimensions, Design & Execution

The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m estimates 40mm in breadth with a compact 45mm haul to-drag distance and a wearable 11mm thickness. Zelos gives that 11mm thickness rating noticing that it rejects the case precious stone on the front — you need to add another 1.5mm for that. A 40mm-wide case appropriately produced using strong 316L pure steel… Having worn it for 10 or so days to this point, this may very well be the ideal size-weight proportion for a games wristwatch. It’s vigorous, without making a decent attempt. It’s consoling, without being floppy or unwieldy. I said this years prior and will continue to state it until it at last occurs: Large, fringe larger than average watches will be out of design soon. Truth be told, as you likely see surrounding you, the cycle has just started. Watches that stretch out past the edge of the wrist have for since quite a while ago been disapprove of, yet the opportunity will come when regular games watches, styled like the Horizons V2, will all be viewed as alluring in the 40-41mm size. Insane idea watches a lot intended for outrageous use situations will remain an exemption, sure. And all we’ll be hearing is Rolex discreetly laughing toward the edge of the room, having sat this entire enormous watch fever out absent a lot of exertion. In any case, that’s an alternate story.

At $899 as seen here with a steel case coordinated to a steel wristband, the Zelos Horizons must be in excess of an attractive compilation of parts with an obtrusively off-the-rack nature to them. It’s a decent couple of Benjamins excessively costly for that. No issues with that, however — the execution of this case recognizably surpasses the nature of its $500-$600 microbrand peers across all fronts. The perfect ebb and flow of its case profiles — as they slender from the middle towards the finishes of the carries while additionally angling downwards — is simply heavenly. Truth be told, it is a particularly wonderful sight to the eyes that it takes additional examination for one to acknowledge exactly how ideal its measurements are.

Whereas cases on less expensive options frequently have a bothersome chrome-like look to the cleaned sections of their steel cases, the gleaming inclines around the 316L instance of the Horizons V2 GMT have a particularly strong, I need to state “dense” appearance. The edges meet in more honed focuses at the closures of the drags with a grand extra-cleaned square at the tip of the hauls. On five-and six-figure valued watches, we will in general feature that it is so hard to add additional squares at such finicky spots, for the smallest accident will bring about messed up lines and the worthless pursue for an ideal shape starts. Thus, I surmise we should damn well acclaim it on a sub-$1k watch.

The bezel has vertical lines for simpler hold and a more refined look. In spite of that, the bezel is quite difficult to turn fundamentally because of its position of safety and weighty fastener. The lower profile to the bezel looks great, yet in addition makes it simpler for fingertips to slide for an absence of grasp. To the extent I’m concerned a hard-turning bezel is irritating a portion of the time, though a tall one is unattractive constantly. That makes this a best compromise until further notice, however a looser wrench would by the by be ideal to have. To help perusing the 24-hour GMT hand, the bezel has a 24-hour scale under a straightforward layer that’s sapphire gem; in-your-face GMT clients will realize that this bi-directional pivoting 24-hour bezel can likewise be utilized to peruse a third time region also. A minor, yet outstanding in addition to point is that the markings of the bezel are lumed too. It’s a weak lume, particularly when compared to the A-class glow of dial components, that’s there more for the snickers than everything else. All things considered, I am yet to see a lumed bezel at this value point that shines more brilliant than this.

The tempered steel caseback has a sapphire precious stone window uncovering the Elaboré-grade (for example high-grade) ETA development inside. Being a top notch thing, the caseback itself goes perfectly with the nature of the case — it may sound crazy referencing this, however in this fragment, corners are regularly cut where makers think we won’t notice it. So to discover an unshakable caseback with laser-scratched messages and a pleasant, huge window in sapphire is a significant plus.

Most of the hardened steel cased Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m watches come on a treated steel wristband with an elastic lash likewise in the crate. I state “most” on the grounds that the recently dispatched shooting star dialed adaptations were furnished distinctly with the elastic tie, as were the bronze-cased variations. The wristband, albeit a long way from awesome (more on that in the wearability fragment) has come far regarding wrapping up. The external edges of the wristband are cleaned and the individual connections are held together by 1mm screws, rather than pins. The collapsing fasten remains the Achilles impact point of these cheap(er) arm bands as it actually has a couple of an excessive number of sharp edges where their nonattendance would have any kind of effect. All things considered, outwardly, the arm band pleasantly complements the case and doesn’t look modest like these frequently tend to do.

By contrast, the solid purpose of the elastic lash is exactly its pin clasp. It’s thick, pleasantly completed and comfortable to utilize and wear. The elastic lash has a corner to corner basketweave design emblazoned its surface with rectangular patterns for the pin to experience and for the skin to relax. The flipside is cool as well, with enormous spaces shielding the lash from standing toward the skin in any event, when wet. The positive effect this enhanced example on the back has on wearability is gigantic to the point that when we come to control we’ll make these compulsory on each elastic strap.

The dial is another part of the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m that separates it from its comparably more moderate competition. The applied records are huge and multi-faceted, putting on a fair light act simple to see and acknowledge with the unaided eye. The vignette impact on the edge of this teal dial isn’t as in-your-face for what it’s worth on some different pieces riding the vignette/ombré/dégradé dial pattern, giving enough space for the cool turquoise base tone and its sunburst treatment to relax. The hands are gigantic to coordinate the files. To-the-minute decipherability isn’t extraordinary and requires significant investment becoming acclimated to, yet you do figure out how to eyeball it really soon. The cleaned hands are another pleasant, quality touch. Lume is brilliant for what it’s worth, with no messy surfaces or short-enduring radiance to report. Top-level stuff.

The ETA 2893-2 that controls the Zelos Horizons V2 is a perfect looking model with a custom rotor. The rotor isn’t the most delightfully scratched bit of metal on the planet, however the example is adequately decent to adjust that and add an exceptional character to the caseback see. Specs are normal ETA stuff, power save is a low, low 38 hours however the recurrence is at any rate the higher 4 Hertz that offers more noteworthy by and large soundness. Wear it consistently and you won’t endure the short force reserve.


Wearability fluctuates between the steel wristband and the elastic tie. In spite of the fact that, as we stated, the steel wristband has ventured the arm band game up in this fragment by showing some noteworthy completing on its connections, its general wearability is yet to show such enhancements. In spite of the fact that I am in no way, shape or form a furry buddy, particularly not on the flipside of my wrist, I was much of the time encountering hair-pulling with the arm band — I am not even sure when was the last time I felt this uncomfortable squeeze. Possibly you’ll be more fortunate with it — or perhaps wearing it all the more freely will assist the individuals who with leaning toward wearing a steel arm band watch somewhat free. Finally, the pin in the collapsing portion of the catch is welded on so that it strangely distends out of the fasten and towards the wrist — from the outset I believed that was the offender squeezing and scratching the flipside of my wrist. Incidentally, it’s not the one to blame, but rather it sure doesn’t help either.

The elastic tie has demonstrated significantly more comfortable. It is graceful — could be somewhat more adaptable still, yet it is in no way, shape or form awful — and with the pin clasp it is route better on the other side as well. Enormous in addition to purpose of the lash are the monstrous rectangular spaces and openings that assist air with circling between the tie and the skin: I never experienced inordinate perspiring or discomfort one regularly feels on elastic ties with strong backs.

Zelos has made a nice showing by going for the more pleasant looking steel arm band and by providing a reasonable and usable elastic tie on an excellent clasp. The elastic strap’s surface could be more pleasant on the front, however of course, providing overly costly wristbands and ties is far, a long way from being the standard in the sub-$1k fragment. I’d propose checking the arm band out, at that point change to the elastic lash for the beach… And later on, put resources into a decent calfskin or elastic tie from a prestigious supplier.


The Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m is one hell of a solid contribution at $899. The introduction is perfect and the situation, dial and development are as solid as one might want in this section. Truly, it is difficult to over-stress exactly how stunningly put forth the defense and dials are, down to the cleaned edges of the steel case and the applied files everywhere on the dial. Adjusting wearability and comfort are the place where Zelos and its wristband provider needs a touch more encounter, however they aren’t a long way from nailing it.

Available in a large group of dial tones and materials, including shooting star dials and bronze cases, costs for the Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m territory between $849 and $1,099. This specific Zelos Horizons V2 GMT 200m in teal retails $899. You can see different varieties and their costs on the brand’s site .

Necessary Data:

>Brand: Zelos

>Model: Horizons V2 GMT 200m Teal

>Price: $849 – $1,099 USD

>Size: 40mm-wide, 12.50mm-thick

>When reviewer would actually wear it: Any time when in the disposition to wear something tough and fun.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Value-cognizant games watch sweetheart searching for a work of art, however fun all-rounder.

>Best normal for watch: Beautifully put forth defense and dial, exquisite shading that truly makes it enjoyable to wear.

>Worst normal for watch: Bracelet needs wearability improvements.