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Watch Review: Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 44 mm

U lysse Nardin is likely quite possibly the most celebrated conventional watchmakers, both regarding its removed and late history. The company has created essential marine chronometer timekeepers for transport route (counting for the U.S. Naval force) preceding electronic planning and communication instruments and, all the more as of late, it was the cherished innovative space of the late Rolf Schnyder (who passed in 2011), who, beginning during the 1980s made Ulysse Nardin perhaps the most fascinating and dynamic extravagance Swiss watchmakers of present day times. After his passing, the Le Locle, Switzerland-based company was bought by the Kering Group of extravagance marks (that likewise claims companies, for example, Gucci and Girard-Perregaux) and now, under the initiative of Patrick Pruniaux, the company is building up an even more up to date character that blends the great legacy of the watchmaker with a maintainable plan of action appropriate for a worldwide crowd. Throughout the previous quite a long while, it has been totally captivating to see the direction Ulysse Nardin has taken with a portion of its more extraordinary items. All things considered, there are likewise its more moderate, day by day wear extravagance sports watches that are a staple of what today’s watch darlings will in general like. Let’s investigate the just named Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 44mm, here audited as the reference 1503-170-3/92 in titanium with the dark dial.

Those acquainted with Ulysse Nardin will perceive the fundamental shape and subject of this watch as having been essential for Ulysse Nardin’s bigger “Marine” assortment. That term is presently utilized for other brand items, and the Diver Chronograph is given a straightforward, and maybe excessively immediate, name. What I truly like about the Diver Chronograph is that it zeros in more on being a superior apparatus than being a “look at me” extravagance watch — despite the fact that it surely has some unmistakable visual highlights. The “tool watch” approach works since it implies that, from most points, everything about the Diver Chronograph watch is usefulness and purpose.

The case itself is in finely machine titanium, and measures 44mm-wide by about 15mm-thick with a sensible generally 50mm drag to-carry distance. That gives the piece a strength on the wrist, yet I have never felt that it is bigger than it should be, and it wears comfortably in the elastic tie. I likewise like that Ulysse Nardin selected a basic lash with a conventional pin clasp. There is obviously the metal “link” in the lower lash, which is important for Ulysse Nardin brand DNA, however something else, this is a circumspect and comfortable tie. This is diverged from certain watches at this value point that utilization some of the time complex, and regularly cumbersome deployant fastens. A large number of those can be intriguing, yet as I would like to think, they regularly add more complain and size than what they offer in every day comfort and practicality.

Over the dial is a domed sapphire gem with AR-covering on the two sides. The dial is intended for clarity and simply a trace of style as the cleaned hands and hour markers. Ulysse Nardin tried to keep the dial utilitarian with a matte, finished dial, and simple to-see-chronograph hands. (Note that both the chronograph and primary hands are given luminant for dimness seeing.) Dial evenness is ideal with even the date being adjusted inside its own round window directly over the 6 o’clock hour marker. Dial text is limited and perfectly coordinated into spots, for example, the out seconds scale or inside the chronograph subdials. While from the outset, the Diver Chronograph dial can seem basic, its refined nature permits it to develop on you in the wake of having it on your wrist for some time. I further acknowledge how Ulysse Nardin had the option to take the embodiment of past Marine Diver watches yet in addition make something new that we’ve not seen before for the Diver Chronograph 44mm collection.

Around the dial is a smooth-acting turning bezel that has lovely perceptible snaps and whose plan again takes motivation from customary Ulysse Nardin Marine watches, yet in addition accomplishes something somewhat new. Beside the plan of the case itself, the bezel of the Diver Chronograph is the thing that gives this Ulysse Nardin watch its essential visual uniqueness. The chronograph pushers are screw-down, which is somewhat of a retro element, in my assessment. While this is a dependable methods for getting more water-opposition in a diver’s chronograph watch, I’d like to see brands move toward a path where the chronograph complication doesn’t need screw-down pushers and that can even be completely worked submerged (possibly not down to 300 meters, yet in any event 50 or 100 meters). On the left half of the watch is a little metal plaque with the timepiece’s chronic number. This region is utilized for restricted release numbers, for example, on the restricted version America-just red, white, and blue “Hammerhead” reference 1503-170LE-3/93-HAMMER form of the Diver Chronograph.

Inside the watch is a fabulous development, the in-house-made Ulysse Nardin type UN-150. This development appeared around 2013 and is the brand’s premium programmed 12-hour chronograph development. The UN-150 is wonderful to observe and works at 4Hz (28,800 bpm) with 48 hours of intensity save. The 322-section development is independently managed for execution at Ulysse Nardin and furthermore profits by having a silicon escapement for added timing execution. Give the watch to see the UN-150 development through the caseback, which helps add an amazing introduction to this extravagance sports watch.

The titanium case causes the watch truly to feel light on the wrist, which is something to be thankful for. Ulysse Nardin additionally includes an all 18k rose gold reference 1502-170-3/93) rendition of the Diver Chronograph 44mm that is almost multiple times the cost (at $38,500 USD) of this titanium model — and comes with the additional load of gold for sure. That is a great alternative for the individuals who need to swim with a gold watch, yet as an apparatus piece I’m not certain that gold is the most ideal decision — along these lines, my choice would be titanium. I think the genuine estimation of the Diver Chronograph is an every day wear watch on the off chance that you live in the jungles or warm spot where you not exclusively will perspire a great deal, yet in addition don’t need to consider trading out your “nice watch” for something different when you need to lower yourself in water. That additionally makes the Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph an incredible “vacation” watch in the event that you are making a trip to a tropical zone.

Price-wise the Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 44mm isn’t modest, yet it fits with the brand’s current situating and the watch doesn’t hold back on enumerating. Cost for the reference 1503-170-3/92 Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 44mm is $11,500 USD. Learn more at the Ulysse Nardin site here .

Necessary Data

>Brand: Ulysse Nardin

>Model: Diver Chronograph 44mm reference 1503-170-3/92

>Price: $11,500 USD

>Size: 44mm-wide, ~15mm-tall, ~50mm drag to-carry distance.

>When reviewer would actually wear it: When an extended get-away in a tropical spot when I need to wear a similar pleasant watch into the sea and into the restaurant.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Otherwise moderate extravagance watch purchaser who requests genuine execution from their games watches. Best for those looking for something outside of the conventional brands who needs something under-the-radar, however great whenever examined by other watch lovers.

>Best normal for watch: another degree of plan refinement shows that Ulysse Nardin is not kidding about receiving a portion of its quirkier (yet cool) plans for a more standard extravagance crowd. Intelligibility and wearing comfort are extremely high. Incredible, in-house-made movement.

>Worst normal for watch: from the beginning prepared watch gatherers may locate the general plan disappointing. The watch could likewise utilize an additionally energizing name. Screw-down pushers feel like they could be modernized a bit to not need screwing and unscrewing to work chronograph securely in wet environments.