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Watch Review: NOMOS Ahoi Atlantik 561

I’ve for some time been an aficionado of NOMOS watches; they have an in a flash unmistakable plan language, unmatched feel for shading, intriguing and alluring in-house developments, and a sensible value point. Additionally, they hail from the German watchmaking mecca of Glashütte, so that gives them some extra checks, in my book. That being stated, I’ve at this point to purchase a NOMOS, and this is the principal chance I’ve needed to invest some all-encompassing quality energy with one on my wrist. The explanation I’ve never pulled the trigger on a NOMOS generally comes down to believing that, in spite of the fact that I love their plans, the watches are a tad excessively dressy for my way of life, which comprises of a lopsidedly high measure of time spent outside and a lopsidedly low measure of time dressed up.

But inside NOMOS’s index sits an exceptional little monster, the Ahoi Neomatik 561. Initially delivered in 2013 and refreshed with the more modest case size and refreshed Neomatik development in 2017, the Ahoi line was NOMOS’s first high water-obstruction (200m) watch line planned explicitly as sports watches. The Ahoi holds all the obvious NOMOS configuration signals however adds crown watches as an unpretentious gesture to the upgraded toughness of the Ahoi line.

The NOMOS Ahoi is accessible in two case sizes, 40.3 mm (which incorporates both a date and no-date choice), and 36.3mm no-date variant. The two sizes are accessible in a few colorways (white silver, signal red, signal blue, and Atlantik). Likewise with all NOMOS watches, dial distances across can be misleading, as the mark long hauls make their watches wear bigger than anticipated. Thus, despite the fact that I normally have no issues wearing 40-42mm watches on my 6,75″ wrist, for the Ahoi I picked the 36mm, no date form in Atlantik blue.

Opting for the 36mm adaptation was totally the correct require my wrist. The generally long (~46mm), rakish carries, combined with the little bezel makes the watch look and wear more like a 38-39mm watch. Regardless of whether you’re utilized to ~40mm watches, the Ahoi doesn’t feel small, which isn’t generally the situation for a 36mm watches. For example, as much as I like the Tudor Black Bay 36 , it wears excessively little for my taste. Not so with the Ahoi.

Looking at the watch, doubtlessly the carries point down steeply to embrace the wrist. Notwithstanding, because of the situation of the carries looking into the issue, the watch actually sits generally level. This means the case should function admirably for bigger wrists absent a difficult situation. All things considered, for more modest wrists, a touch more arch or lower arrangement of the hauls would improve the fit. The 40.3mm Ahoi would be excessively enormous and ungraceful for my loving, so no inquiry that the 36mm Ahoi was the privilege call.

Getting back to the case, similar to all the other things that NOMOS does, the key is effortlessness with perfect execution. The lone component that infringes on that ethos is the expansion of crown monitors. However, even those are little and inconspicuous. You won’t discover bent carries, inclined edges, blended surface completing, or whatever else we’re so used to seeing on current watches. All things considered, the NOMOS case is completely cleaned with delicate edges. Completely cleaned cases across the NOMOS line are essential for what spruces up even the most easygoing of the NOMOS contributions, similar to the Club. Given the state of the Ahoi case, including a little bezel and dainty drags, the cleaned surfaces don’t stick out. The crown is unobtrusively estimated, screws down neatly, and is endorsed with the NOMOS logo. On the case sits a domed sapphire gem with against intelligent covering on the two sides, permitting you to like all the details of the dial.

As with all NOMOS watches, the dial is the genuine superstar. NOMOS calls this colorway Atlantik blue, yet even in direct daylight, it shows up more record dark with just the smallest proposal of blue — much like the North Atlantic itself. The Atlantik colorway doesn’t have the prompt fly of a portion of the colorways, yet adaptability wins out for me. I consider it to have a similar adaptability as a dark dial watch, however with greater character and visual interest.

Adding a touch of required warmth to the dial and differentiating the virus tones of the Atlantik blue are the rose gold markers and handset. The shading match is sublime, however the gold is unpretentious and not tyrannical. All in all, in case you’re not a fanatic of overlaid highlights, don’t stress; the impact here is inconspicuous, not under any condition ponderous. However, one thing that is not in any way inconspicuous is the neon orange little seconds hand and neomatik text on the dial. It’s a pleasant fly of shading that adds an energetic touch to the watch. The Ahoi likewise includes mint green lume inside the hour and minutes hand that play off the orange. As is normal with NOMOS, they realize how to combine tones for entertainment only, startling ways that basically work. The lume on the hands is successful and durable, however the dim Super-LumiNova utilized for the hour markers … .not really. They’ll appear for a brief timeframe after a full charge, yet thenquickly blur and vanish. Truly, I didn’t understand the hour markers were lumed until after I’d had the watch for a couple of days and saw a slight sparkle in the wake of coming in from the sun.

The NOMOS Ahoi comes mounted on a 18mm nylon lash that complements the dial and is comfortable and flexible. The Ahoi would likewise function admirably on cowhide or maybe perlon, yet as I would see it, the nylon tie is the best approach. Remember, the Ahoi highlights bored hauls, so trading lashes is a breeze in case you’re so disposed. One thing to note is that the nylon lash comes in an assortment of sizes, so make certain to indicate the right size when requesting. Sometime in the future, maybe, the recently delivered arm band will be accessible as an alternative, however not yet.

Powering the Ahoi, and on glad presentation behind the sapphire caseback, is the in-house NOMOS type DUW 3001. The DUW 3001 is a programmed development that highlights 27 gems, a 43-hour power save, and highlights NOMOS swing framework escapement. The DUW 3001 has a smooth profile, at just 3.2mm-high and 28.8mm in distance across, permitting it to work in little cased models. Particularly considering the value point, the development is pleasantly finished with heat-blued screws, rhodium-plated surfaces, and highlights Glashütte ribbing and NOMOS perlage — considerably more intriguing than seeing another ETA or Sellita development. Also, given that it’s directed in six positions, you ought to expect astounding timekeeping.

I’d consistently suspected if there was one NOMOS that would work for me, it would be the Ahoi. Also, work it unquestionably does. The estimating is incredible, and the watch is comfortable to wear whenever, with the additional affirmation that it’s bounty sufficiently intense to face my every day outside experiences. Yet, one analysis that is constantly been leveled at NOMOS and different brands that grasp the Bauhaus school of configuration is that, whenever done ineffectively, effortlessness can be exhausting — excellent and practical, yet deficient with regards to the visual interest to inspire you to get it and lash it on consistently. The Ahoi, to my eye, is definitely not exhausting. This generally comes down to complex shading decisions wedded together in an amicable plan. Regardless of a watch box brimming with more complex watches, I continued coming back to the Ahoi, again and again, essentially in light of the fact that it was a delight to see on my wrist and I realized it would work with anything I decided to do or wear. The NOMOS Ahoi comes in at $4120. Head on over to to learn more.

Necessary Data

>Brand: NOMOS

>Model: Ahoi Atlantik 561

>Price: $4120

>Size: 36.3mm-wide, 9.6mm-tall, ~46mm drag to-lug

>When reviewer would by and by wear it: Anytime, particularly when wearing shrewd easygoing clothes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: My closest companion Mark. He’s a modeler who loves current, moderate plan yet in addition consistently climbs and investigates the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. This watch would be at the first spot on my list for him.

>Best normal for watch: NOMOS just realizes how to do color.

>Worst normal for watch: Weak lume on the hour markers.