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Watch Review: Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Bi-Color

The Glashütte Original SeaQ line of watches is gradually taking care of business into an undeniable scope of sports-dive watches. Since something like this had been absent for a decent number of years from this Saxon manufacture’s portfolio, it’s intriguing to see the speed and commitment with which it is entering the rewarding business sector of… actually no, not steel arm band prepared, octagonal extravagance sports watches, simply past go-anyplace, rough watches. The Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date has quite recently gotten a “bi-color” two-tone model in steel and gold, just as in strong 18k red gold.

Accompanied by a more modest, 39.5mm “SeaQ” variation — one that I wish had something more to its name to keep away from disarray — the SeaQ Panorama Date is the better quality adaptation with a bigger, more refined self-winding type that is flaunted both on the back by a domed sapphire gem caseback and on the front, by the presence of the manufacture’s Panorama Date work. A bigger date show with two concentric plates is situated on a similar plane for a more rich design and simpler readability. The Glashütte Original Manufactory Caliber 36-13 offers a noteworthy 100-hour power save (a day longer than the white gold Rolex Yacht-Master 42 , and two entire days longer than a Rolex Submariner) coordinated to a cutting edge and sports-prepared 4Hz working recurrence. A 21k-gold swaying weight, rate change through the variable snapshot of dormancy sinks the equilibrium wheel, a dark cleaned swan-neck fine change spring, and a silicon hairspring expand the rundown of old-school and new-school horological ability in the SeaQ Panorama Date.

Looks-wise, as I came to learn through broadened wear, the SeaQ isn’t as direct as it initially shows up. Glashütte Original, in my brain, has consistently been a brand that doesn’t truly do ludicrous plans — the Seventies is just probably as insane as they get nowadays and, think about what, it turns out to be one of their top of the line assortments. What GO does rather more, notwithstanding, is get these ostensibly more normal plans to a degree of value and with a level of consistency that is hardly coordinated by its friends. What’s more, the SeaQ Panorama Date is no different.

As such, the SeaQ Panorama Date looks somewhat direct upon first sight and it is just through stretched out wear that one will like the quantity of extraordinary subtleties and additional work that Glashütte Original has placed into it. Having encountered something reasonable of prima facie energizing watches that before long end up being either exhausting or shallow in their characteristics, today, I’d much rather take a watch that will engage me in the long haul. Furthermore, doing that takes inconspicuous subtleties that lone show in explicit kinds of light, seeing points and such, instead of a comical WHAM! tossed in my face just to later uncover compromised artisanship.

With its long-streaming case profile on one side and conveniently coordinated crown watches on the other, the 43.20mm measurement case is, all things considered, a valid example. It doesn’t have endless aspects or painstakingly welded drags. What it has is an all-encompassing feel of value that goes from the in-the-metal impression of the thing through the execution of the brushed and cleaned surfaces to the machining of the bezel, crown, and caseback. Possibly you can identify with this one: With a limited handful items made by a chosen handful makes (inside and outside the watch business), I get the feeling that said item is made the manner in which it is on the grounds that the individuals who made it don’t seem to realize how to do it any worse. As such, they don’t seem to have yielded to the idea of wilfully shaving off quality subtleties in quest for saving expenses or making creation easier.

When everything, truly, even extravagance watches, is tormented by cost advancement and moving to the least expensive provider, you begin to have an eye for subtleties that don’t give off an impression of being “as decent as they used to be.” While I was, from the start sight, near on killed by the SeaQ’s rather shortsighted interpretation of a games dive watch, it has figured out how to pull me back in completely by being brimming with subtleties and components that, as far as I might be concerned, demonstrate that a watchmaker or an architect or a CNC-administrator or a case polisher, i.e., a quality-disapproved of person had given that specific part their full attention.

T cap stated, the thing remains that you truly need to realize watches well overall, and you do must have the SeaQ Panorama Date on your wrist and out there in reality to like the exertion Glashütte Original set forth in the creation of this piece. To its credit, the “bi-color,” i.e., two-tone development carries its qualities to the front, with the sheen of a red gold bezel, crown, and dial components adding some much welcome vibrance to the blend. Keeping that in mind, the domed sapphire gem on the front has its precarious calculated edges and level top done such that the picture remains very sharp and clear with no mutilations outside of the edge around the edge. Around the fringe, this makes an odd bead sort of impact as it dissolves the lists and date window into Dalí-esque shapes while adding profundity to the generally picture.

The nature of the case components, in spite of the fact that I wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to state is in an association, unquestionably has a place among the absolute best in class. Shockingly, this is exemplified by the two-tone form in a way that is better than the strong 18k red gold variation — the last mentioned, at the cost and for being a strong gold watch, could do with a touch of additional pizazz regarding beautifications, assortment in surface medicines, or something like that. The two-tone, in any case, truly sparkles. I made an honest effort to utilize different kinds of lighting and photography strategies, in any case, as I stated, the solid focuses and the strong feel of this degree of execution alone truly decipher through in-the-metal gratefulness and true wear. Furthermore, I can’t stress this enough: If it takes many cleaned features and complex plans to intrigue you, nobody is to be faulted you. Yet, in the event that you are of a more loose and conventional insight regarding watch case plan and end up having a sharp eye for fantastic quality, at that point the SeaQ, and Glashütte Original all in all, will probably resound with you.

Likewise, the dial shows similar example of tentative early introductions followed by various unpretentious (and costly) subtleties. Made in GO’s own dial manufactory in Pforzheim, Germany, one gets the feeling that this office has, at this point, profited by zeroing in only on only one brand. In what capacity? By adjusting inconspicuous components to yet more elevated levels of value and complexity. The Glashütte Original logo under 12 is a genuine model. (I have advised you we’ll be talking little subtleties, haven’t I?) Sometimes the content is in fresh white that nearly bounces off the dim setting on the two-tone SeaQ, while at others (as pictured straightforwardly above) it looks dim, and it is just its incredibly minute surface and alleviated structure that makes it stick out. The “GLASHÜTTE I/SA” more than six o’clock on a similar picture looks white — however it can do likewise as the logo.

The lists and hands are all lumed and are totally applied by hand over a sunburst completed, galvanic dark dial on the bi-shading, and galvanic dark dial on the strong 18k rendition. Outlining the dial is a red gold bezel with dark artistic and white, non-radiant markings. A fired bezel embed at this value point is an outright should, similarly just as the strong, consoling feel of its activity. So that’s those two boxes ticked — I simply keep thinking about whether the SeaQ Panorama Date would’ve looked better or more regrettable with a lumed pip inside the zero marker triangle of the bezel. Having visited Glashütte Original a couple of times throughout the long term and spoken with a portion of its designers and watchmakers, I have most likely that they considered that as a chance — and ruled against it. Strangely, even without it, the SeaQ Panorama Date is a dive watch that complies with the German DIN8306 standard for divers’ watches, as is demonstrated by the drawing in the outskirts of the caseback.

If it is water-safe credentials you are after, you’ll need to realize that Glashütte Original has introduced an all-new water-obstruction testing office (indeed, that) in its production. Buildup tests controlled to a 10th of a centigrade, just as gaseous tension and water pressure tests, are performed on some legitimate costly gadgets in-house, all to 125% of the 300m appraised water-obstruction of the SeaQ Panorama Date. The zaniest trial of all is one that checks every single SeaQ Panorama Date for air mass stream in overpressure, checking every one of its seals for micrograms (a millionth of a gram) of a hole. So on the off chance that you were anticipating that the German manufacture should move toward the idea of a games watch with a slapdash disposition, you’ve come to some unacceptable place.

Both the Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date bi-shading and the strong 18k red gold adaptation are accessible on a choice of two ties. One is a dark elastic lash with a tasteful and rather complicatedly acknowledged fishbone design, while the other is a tie woven from manufactured material. Not at all like such countless comparable lashes, the manufactured material in this occurrence isn’t rough to the skin, not even around its edges (the typical guilty party with these, in my experience). The clasp is a twofold collapsing fasten that is totally wonderfully made — the one rendered in strong 18k gold could go on any six-figure valued watch I’ve ever taken care of, particularly without the tie took care of through it and its internal instruments revealed.

Unlike some of GO’s cowhide ties that require honestly preposterous measures of wear and breaking in for them to be comfortable to wear, both the manufactured lash and the elastic one follow the state of the wrist perfectly directly out of the crate. The coordination of the internal collapsing instruments into the general shape is greatly improved this time around, too. One thing to remember with the engineered lash is that it takes fairly long for it to evaporate once you get it wet. Sounds abnormal, however it’s something to remember while picking between the dark elastic or the dim woven strap.

Overall wearability of the SeaQ Panorama Date is acceptable. The watch doesn’t slide around something over the top and nothing dives into the highest point of the wrist. Despite the fact that the crown is considerable (it’s a monstrous and perfectly made crown is the thing that I’m attempting to state), when it’s safely sank down it sits well between the crown watches. The strong gold variant, given the additional weight of its valuable case, wobbles about a touch more than does the two-tone rendition — of course, on the off chance that you are bothered by the heaviness of gold, at that point it likely isn’t for you anyway… Or perhaps you should attempt some other “solid gold” extravagance watches out in this portion — a gut nature of mine is revealing to me marks recently have been getting shrewd with emptying those cases out as much as could reasonably be expected. Not this one, though.

Whether Glashütte Original’s astoundingly strong feel, comprehensive spotlight on nature of execution, and highlight pressed in-house development legitimize the significant expense is dependent upon you to choose. The key that I found to Glashütte Original isn’t to move toward it with a similar necessity of moment satisfaction we have been modified to expect by prominent extravagance brands. After leaving a boutique with a status brand that even your non-watch-adroit neighbor remembers, you are quickly delighted by appearing to the world that you are important for that first class club. Yuck. After wearing a “iconic design” (this term actually gives me some unacceptable sort of chills), once more, to a few, you presently don’t show up the plan canny specialist yet another make a decent attempt that needs to make a move. Not judging, simply spreading out what the truths are nowadays, at any rate in certain pieces of the world.

However, in my experience — and that of so numerous others — the oddity factor of both those delights wears off sooner than later. What is to be acknowledged in how GO does things is in the number and, once more, the execution of little subtleties that in total accomplish the previously mentioned general feel of value. All without the in-your-faceness of a brand all your local wears, or the wannabe vibe of an octagonal design.

Water-impervious to 300 meters and tried path past that, the SeaQ Panorama Date has just one squeezing challenge left to confront — and that lies in it defending its cost. The Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date in bi-shading steel and gold expenses $15,100, while the strong gold rendition costs an incredible $24,900. Both are comparable to two-tone Rolex Submariner and strong gold Yacht-Master costs, and that’s some extreme competition if there ever was one. Between the highlights and nature of the development, just as the bespoke execution of its outside subtleties, the SeaQ Panorama Date has enough to compare well against its competition — the test stays in getting forthcoming purchasers to invest enough energy examining said subtleties and the spec sheet of this line of watches. When they do, a great deal of them will probably locate these positive, and they’ll be compensated for going for the more unpretentious decision. You can see different varieties of the SeaQ at the brand’s site.

Necessary Data:

>Brand: Glashütte Original

>Model: SeaQ Panorama Date bi-shading (two-tone) reference 1-36-13-04-91-08 and in 18kt strong gold reference 1-36-13-03-90-33

>Price: $15,100 – $24,900 USD

>Size: 43.20mm-wide, 15.65mm-thick

>When analyst would actually wear it: The two-tone? Any time.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Sports-watch darling expecting all-round quality, searching for something off the beaten path.

>Best normal for watch: Exceptional quality and execution all through. Top of the line movement.

>Worst normal for watch: The cost. In the event that these were around four thousand less, they could make some genuine cerebral pain the competition.