SIHH 2018: Ferdinand Berthoud - Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1

SIHH 2018: Ferdinand Berthoud – Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1

With its original controller type display and its super resistant carburised stainless steel case, the new Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1 by Ferdinand Berthoud renders into contemporary language the pursuit of greatness embraced by the eponymous expert horologist, clockmaker to the French King and Navy.

The 44 mm x 13.95 mm case is composed of a steel cylinder whose atomic construction has been reinforced by a thermo-chemical interaction involving the diffusion of fume stage carbon, in this manner guaranteeing an exceptional surface hardness of 1200 Vickers and making it amazingly vigorous. It is likewise exceptionally corrosion-resistant and biocompatible.

Two octagonal-formed stainless steel side pieces give the case a characteristic shape including two parallel openings at 2 and 11 o’clock providing an opportunity to admire the chain-and-fusee mechanism in action. These two openings are complemented by a screw-down stainless steel case-back fitted with glare-sealed sapphire precious stone enabling onlookers to appreciate the high-quality finishing.

The construction of the Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud IR.6-1 separates it from all existing controller type displays. Truth be told, the vertically satin-brushed and dark rhodium-plated dial is the back side of the complication plate.

Of the three little openings, the first serves to show the hours, counterbalance at 2 o’clock and appearing on a glare-sealed sapphire gem disk bearing moved Arabic numerals striking a pleasing difference with a white foundation. The subsequent opening highlights an original force hold display mechanism, distinguished by an enormous dial cut-out revealing piece of the finely sandblasted and dark rhodium-plated mainplate. Situated in the focal point of the minutes counter, the third gap displays a hand-engraved “pyramid” motif inspired by an openworked Ferdinand Berthoud astronomical clock belonging to the collection of the L.U.CEUM watch gallery.

Meanwhile, the seconds show up around the rim of the dial on a level inner bezel ring made of dark rhodium-plated, dot impacted and chamfered nickel silver.

The design of the hands is a reinterpretation of various hand shapes utilized by Ferdinand Berthoud in his various timepieces. Incredible expertise is required to repeat their complex shapes. The minutes hand is created in 18-carat gold, while the seconds hand is made of bronze and the fixed hour-markers and force hold hand are made of steel.

The 3 Hz (21,600 vph) hand-wound development highlights 18 nickel silver bridges outlined by polished titanium pillars surrounding the mechanical organs. This construction is typical of 18th century marine chronometers. The architectural methodology is picked up in the design of the multitude of components, and especially in the symmetrical equilibrium of the development.

The distinctive idea of the FB-T.FC.R caliber lies in its inverted upside-down barrel and fusee, and particularly in the way that the two components are suspended, meaning hung on just one side. A patent has been filed for this construction which saves precious millimeters. At 9.89 mm thick, the development of the Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1 remains amazingly thin for its class despite the controller type display and the new force hold indication.

Barrel and fusée are linked by a chain comprising no under 474 steel links, including in excess of 300 pins measuring scarcely 0.30 mm in diameter and all hand-gathered. The chain quantifies an all out 28 cm long and the maximum tension exercised upon it once set up sums to three kilos.

At the point when the mainspring is associated with a fusée, the barrel drum turns in a single direction when the spring winds down and in the opposite direction when it is wrapped up, in this way causing the chain to fold over the drum.

A patent has been filed for the sophisticated 53-hour power-save indication mechanism. Visible through a cut-out in the half-bridge working on this issue posterior, a shortened cone goes all over along an arbor associated with the barrel. This suspended cone is topped by a sensor spindle in the type of a mobile arm tipped with a watch gem. The latter’s position on the cone mirrors the barrel’s condition of wind.

The tourbillon of Caliber FB-T.FC-R comprises 67 components gathered within a titanium carriage measuring 16.55 mm in diameter. This tourbillon contributes to earning this development its chronometer title granted by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Despite the fact that it performs one rotation each minute, this tourbillon doesn’t indicate the seconds, leaving the assignment to the focal breadth seconds hand.

Hand-sewn from top-quality calfskin, the tie of the Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1 is gotten to the wrist by a folding equipped with a security mechanism as to avoid inadvertent unbuckling of the tie. The watch may likewise be fitted with a 20 mm pin clasp for the individuals who lean toward it.

The Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1 is a 20-piece limited edition. Price on solicitation.