Reading for the week-end: the history of the Richard Mille brand

Reading for the week-end: the history of the Richard Mille brand

2001: Richard Mille dispatches his first timepiece making another pattern in watchmaking. At the starting point of his endeavor a strong vision: applying to watches the methods and the materials employed in the most imaginative areas, for example, in F1 hustling vehicles or airplanes.

From the earliest starting point, Richard Mille watches were conceived of experimental exploration on innovative materials with a particular plan to build up the possibility of performance. Indeed, one of the brand’s first trademarks was: “a dashing machine on the wrist”.

However, simultaneously, Richard Mille showed incredible respect for the Swiss custom of fine watchmaking, making amazingly complex mechanical developments, gathered and wrapped up by hand.

Brought into the world in Draguignan, France in 1951, Richard began his vocation in the watchmaking business in 1974 and had the board jobs in different watch marks at that point becoming, in the mid 1990s, overseeing chief (and investor) of the watch division of prestigious French adornments firm Mauboussin.

It was in these years that Richard Mille met Giulio Papi, quite possibly the most skilled watchmaker of our occasions and Director of Research and Development at Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi (APR&P), Audemars Piguet’s top of the line watch making division.

In 1999, Richard Mille chose to make his personal image of extravagance watches with the target to break the conventional codes identified with top of the line watches, often related to a rococo style and precious materials like gold and platinum

Continue perusing and find the history of the brand that in couple of years had the option to make the timepieces which have become a definitive image of abundance and achievement.