Moritz Grossmann - ATUM Date

Moritz Grossmann – ATUM Date

Moritz Grossmann extends its ATUM line with another model with date indication and we need to say that the German brand couldn’t have picked a superior display for this horological complication.

The complete date scale from 1 to 31 is displayed around the circumference of the dial of the new ATUM Date however instead of using a focal hand, which could conflict with the hour and minute hands, the date is indicated via a bizarrely formed section marker starting from the circumference.

This cunning solution emphasizes the polish of the model without compromising in any manner the functionality and the spotless design typical of the line.

The caliber 100.3 of the ATUM Date depends on the caliber 100.1 of the ATUM line. Its characteristic components, for example, the pillar development with 2/3 plate, wheel train, stopwork, removable winder module, escapement and oscillation framework additionally highlight the High-Artistic Finish.

The characteristic 2/3 plate in untreated German silver is embellished with wide horizontal ribbing with a hand-engraved signature. The Grossmann balance beating at 18,000 vibrations each hour is carried by the cantilevered, hand-engraved offset cockerel with the typical micrometer screw. Its design improves the adjustability of inertia and achieves high kinetic energy combined with minimized air resistance and the littlest possible mass. At the point when completely twisted, the development has a force save of 42 hours.

The jumping date mechanism is a complex outfit of parts that are integrated in the main plate on the dial side.

Both the winder and the hand setting mechanism are taken from the caliber 100.1. To forestall a simultaneous opposite change of the two frameworks or harm to the date switcher, the different date setting mechanism is uncoupled with a stop switch when the hand setting crown is pulled and the stop seconds device stops the watch.

The jumping date mechanism is fueled continuously wheel at a ratio of 2:1, so the fastener wheel completely pivots anticlockwise once like clockwork. The transmission ratio of the date marker mechanism is calibrated to 11.6°, so the increments of the date ring amount to a sum of 31 days.

Aside from the precisely jumping date, this kind of date display has the additional favorable position that the switching finger doesn’t draw in with the wheel train with the exception of the couple of milliseconds during which the leap to the following date is taking spot.

The date can be altered in either course whenever while the development continues to run. The different setting crown at 10 o’clock permits the date to be easily adjusted, for instance toward the finish of a month. Ordinarily, this setting crown is not locked in, so inadvertent changes are forestalled. The crown should be pulled out to set the date. During the cycle, the development continues to run and the date can be set by turning the crown in either direction.

On the solid-silver dial, the minute scale is shifted inward to provide space for the complete date scale while the blue date numerals nicely contrast against the applied hour markers. Lavishly finished by hand, the section molded date marker is strengthened to an earthy colored violet shade to differentiate against the blue date numerals.

The typical lancet-style hands are toughened to an earthy colored shade for a nice match with the rose gold case or made of polished stainless steel for the white gold model.

Like any remaining models of the line, the ATUM Date includes the distinctive Grossmann winder with pusher, a refined hand setting mechanism that eliminates the ingress of particles into the case while the hands are being set just as the unintentional alteration of the hand positions while the crown is being pushed home again.

Indeed, when the client hauls the winding crown out, the winder switches to the hand setting mode and simultaneously stops the development. The crown immediately gets back to its home position yet would now be able to be gone to precisely set the hands. When prepared, the development can be restarted by pressing the press button at 4 o’clock so avoiding the possibility to adjust the positions of the hands. Simultaneously, the mechanism switches back to the winding mode.

The new Moritz Grossmann ATUM Date has a proposed retail price of Euro 35,800 in rose gold (ref. MG-000804) or Euro 36,900 in white gold (ref. MG-000807).