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Mido Commander Icône Watch Review: Funky Neo-Vintage

Mido delivered their first iteration of the Commander arrangement back in 1959, and from that point forward, the Commander has become the most conspicuous collection for the brand in numerous piece of the world (which doesn’t incorporate North America). The 2018 addition of the Mido Commander Icône was something that absolutely earned my premium, thus I mentioned one for survey since I’d not recently had wearing involvement in this critical notable watch design.

It’s difficult to put this watch in a particular period. There is a distinct retro feel, however the cutting edge completing and subtleties are an astounding in addition to after looking into it further. This weird mix of feel is the thing that I appreciate about the watch, and albeit not for everyone, I believe it’s a fascinating take by Mido. The tightened Milanese cross section bracelet and lugless case are unmistakably more mid-century than current, yet the size and shading decisions feel significantly more contemporary (vintage Commander watches were frequently more modest in the event that size breadth). So right away, we should get down to the details.


Happily for me, the Mido Commander Icône was amazingly comfortable to wear. As someone who has never possessed a watch with a Milanese bracelet, I didn’t know what’s in store. Measuring the band required was sufficiently straightforward, in spite of the fact that it took me some time to sort out some way to deliver the clip that holds the fasten set up. Once more, attaching the watch to my wrist the initial not many occasions required some playing. Notwithstanding, I think this was more because of absence of experience with this sort of watch band. Note this is among the uncommon dark hued steel Milanese cross section metal bracelets available.

The lugless case and 11.5 mm tallness make this a simple watch to wear with a shirt, albeit maybe it isn’t most appropriate for formal clothing. I ended up donning my leather jacket and shirt more frequently than expected while wearing the Commander Icône. This felt significantly more fitting with the style of the watch. Case completing is adequate. Sample Group will in general offer a great deal at the cost which well depicts this Mido Commander well. Maybe some contrast completing would have helped the case configuration catch a touch more visual interest. I positively has the potential to.

Another brilliant plan highlight of the watch is the state of the caseback. It kind of bends in a manner that considers most extreme wrist versatility. You know when you incline toward a table, and your watch bracelet appears to fix from the twist of your wrist? That was positively limited never really state of the Mido Commander Icône, and the crown is well out of your way too.

For a watch that is certainly more “out there” as far as configuration, you’d be astounded that it is so natural to wear during your everyday from a fashion flexibility viewpoint. Despite the fact that this to be relied upon with some simple to-understand dials and a non-explicit particular look.

Style Points

One thing that amazed me when I had the watch in person was the shade of the PVD covering. In promotion photographs the case seems dark, however in person it was even more an extremely dim. This coloration is more obvious on the cleaned case surfaces than on the brushed ones, yet it isn’t undesirable. Dim dark gives Commander a more fashionable versus subtle or military look as it would in a more profound dark color.

Orange subtleties are given considerably more volume on the obscured background of the sunburst brushed dial, and that is likely my number one visual component of the general plan. The shading decisions feel much more like something you would discover on a 1970’s game watch, which I completely delighted in. Advancement is found in subtleties like the raised markers, sloped section ring, and freshness of the dial printing. The records have a raised dimensional detail where the lume is applied, and much under investigation the quality is fairly pleasing.

Original vintage commander watches are fascinating to see for comparison on the grounds that the completing on the dial components was very unique. The new Commander models continue an incredible traditional however aren’t truly intended to be retro-re-try watches as we would see it. Returning to the watch plan, the lugless case is as yet the additionally fascinating tasteful component with regards to the Mido Commander arrangement – particularly in the bigger Mido brand.  The manner in which the bracelet incorporates into the case follows the lines of the general plan, and it will consistently look the most fitting to me.

Technical Schmecknical

As for the specifications of the Mido Commander Icône, you get a lot of value for your money – particularly with respect to the development execution and exclusivity.

Starting from within the watch, you get a Chronometer COSC guaranteed ETA C07.821, which Mido markets as the Caliber 80. It has a silicone balance spring for more prominent exactness and against attractive protection. With a completely energized fountainhead, you’ll get 80 hours of intensity hold. Just like the case with numerous watches in the Mido range, you can see the Caliber 80 through a straightforward caseback. As of now such developments from ETA in Swatch Group brands are the most reasonable approach to get mechanical developments outfitted with silicon parts. This Mido Commander watch isn’t the only item with this development – yet it speaks to how moderate silicon-based regulation frameworks can be when compared to options from numerous other better quality brands. On top of all that the development is COSC Chronometer ensured – an administration worth in any event several hundred dollars in worth given its hard expenses to the brands.

Water obstruction is definitely not an essential component of the Commander Icône at only 50m, yet I question you’d think sports or plunging is the thing that this watch was expected for dependent on looks alone. Despite the fact that ironically it was initially somewhat of a marine-themed item. The dial has enormous applied records, a different part ring for the seconds track, and a date window at three o’clock. The sunburst brushing and pad printing are professional, and everything can be seen through a sapphire precious stone. The dial isn’t in essence lovely, yet it has such an attractive “you seem as though you mean business today” kind of vibe. This is a suit watch for someone who needs to look rich yet never traditional.

Made from treated steel, the case has a 42mm measurement with a 24mm drag width. Little wrists can deal with it effectively given the absence of hauls. Everything asides from the bezel ring on the caseback is covered with a dull dark Anthracite PVD covering over the steel. The Milanese bracelet has an additional collapsing lock over the fasten. what’s more, we question you’d need to trade it out for whatever else since the bracelet is important for this mark look.

Overall, the Mido Commander Icône conveys on quality at the cost – however with a stylish which can be a gained taste. Of any Mido collection accessible, I’d need to state that the Commander range is the only one that suits my personal taste, and I truly delighted in the Icônes version of Mido’s lead model. The only thing I would have jumped at the chance to change is to have the old applied logo on the dial. I realize that would steer the results of visual allure all the more solidly towards the 70’s, however I truly favor the more seasoned wordmark. The Mido Commander Icône retails for $1,695 USD and you can discover more at midowatches.com

Necessary Data:

>Brand: Mido

>Model: Commander Icône M031.631.33.061.00

>Price: $1,695 USD

>Size: 42mm wide, 11.5mm thick, 24mm lugs

>When commentator would personally wear it: Out and about on the weekends

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: “Hey, you like idiosyncratic retro stuff, right?”

>Best normal for watch: Comfortable to wear

>Worst normal for watch: Less adaptable: I thought that it was only fit me while wearing more easygoing attire.