Grönefeld - Parallax Tourbillon in Platinum, Unique Piece

Grönefeld – Parallax Tourbillon in Platinum, Unique Piece

At the beginning of 2014 the two talented Dutch watchmakers (and brothers) Bart and Tim Grönefeld introduced the Parallax Tourbillon, a remarkable tourbillon timepiece which later in the year was the winner of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in the “tourbillon” category (you can read about it here ).

They have now created a unique piece whose 43 mm x 12.5 mm platinum case frames a black ruthenium plated iced dial crafted from solid sterling silver 925 with contrasting orange print.

The tourbillon cage encompassing the oscillating balance wheel is crafted in stainless steel and rotates once a minute around its axis, minimizing the negative influence of gravity, and thus improving the timekeeping of the watch. Three days are required only for the hand finishing of the tourbillon components.

The name “Parallax” is derived from the precision of the readability of the large central seconds hand. Parallax is defined as the apparent change in position of an item when the onlooker changes his own position. To minimize the possibility of blunder because of parallax when viewing the seconds hand from an angle, the hand is exceptionally near the external chapter ring with the seconds indexes.

An indicator on the dial displays the function chosen: “W” for Winding or “S” for time setting.

To set the time, instead of pulling the crown, it is sufficient to squeeze it (so avoiding any risk to damage the crown stem). At the point when the time setting function is chosen, both tourbillon cage bridge and the central seconds hand automatically get back to their respective 12 o’clock positions and stop (or hack) while the time is set.

The 72-hour power hold guaranteed by the 3Hz (21,600 vph) hand wound development is appeared somewhere in the range of 10 and 11 o’clock.

Turning the timepiece, it is possible to admire the exceptional finishing of the development with its distinctive blackened stainless steel bridges. Steel doesn’t just deliver superior hardness and durability compared to standard brass or nickel however it also offers unparallelled gleam when polished to a mirror finish. With the additional advantage that stainless steel doesn’t oxidize over the long run.

This exceptional and unique Grönefeld Parallax Tourbillon in Platinum has a price of Euro 160,000 excluding taxes.