Grönefeld - 1941 Remontoire

Grönefeld – 1941 Remontoire

Exciting news from the Dutch horological siblings, Bart and Tim Grönefeld. Hardly any weeks ahead of time of Baselworld 2016, the largest occasion of the watchmaking business, they are presenting a completely new model (case, dial and movement): the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire.

The movement of the new watch includes an eight seconds steady power system which advances time keeping: a little hairspring is twisted at regular intervals to guarantee a consistent power for the escapement. This is accomplished through a complex satellite gearing instrument with hypocycloidal gears, twin metal balls, pinions and jeweled switches.

The movement without bridges

From the mainspring being completely twisted to the last moment of the 36 hours of force hold, when the stop framework mediates, the power never differs with the consequence of predictable sufficiency and rate, henceforth prevalent accuracy.

Bart and Tim chose to build up a steady power component taking motivation from the congregation check in their local village. Kept up by their dad Sijef, this clock included a presentation that was situated a lot higher than the movement, necessitating significant power. In any case, since the magnitude of such power would demonstrate excessively great for a customary escapement, a remontoire, or steady power instrument was conveyed.

As a further recognition for the impact of their dad in their lives, Bart and Tim designed a pristine case and named it 1941, after the year he was conceived.

This case is portrayed by emptied, sunken breaks and curved surfaces resulting in a pleasantly etched shape.

To comprehend the degree of finishing, simply consider that the case is cleaned after each cutting stage and earlier the following stage of milling to guarantee that exactly characterized shapes of the case are mantained.

The lugs are held with two shrouded titanium screws and situated inside the case. Along these lines, the lugs can be segregated to be cleaned or, in the end, supplanted.

With a not too big and not too little width of 39.5 mm (thickness is 10.5 mm), the 1941 Remontoire is accessible in red gold or in another white gold composite containing Palladium 150 to maintain a strategic distance from any requirement for rhodium plating.

The dial is made from strong sterling silver and highlights iced and silk grained surfaces, upgraded by cleaned edges. Fire blued steel hands show the hours denoted with applied files, faceted and precious stone cut.

The little seconds show, situated in the lower a piece of the dial, plays with profundities alternating a grained circlet to adjoining iced surfaces.

Situated at 9 o’clock, a governor performing one turn in 8 seconds regulates the speed of the remontoire component and mitigates stuns to the gear train from the remontoire instrument stopping.

Beating at 21,600 vph (3 Hz), the hand twisted movement of the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire is fastidiously completed, with such a compromise.

As a kind of perspective to the nation place where there is the two siblings, the tempered steel bridges duplicate the veneers of the Dutch houses, named ‘ringer gables’. The bridges are hand-angled while the focuses make a pleasing difference with miniature impacted surfaces.

While displaying a contemporary and particular character with its new 5-arm, twofold talked gear train wheels, the new movement uncovers great regard for the fine watchmaking custom with subtleties like gold chatons and mirror cleaned screws just as snailed, grained, spotted and iced surfaces.

Creation will be restricted to just 188 Remontoire movements, each with its own exceptional chronic number, offered in a decision of case material and dial variations.

Costs before charges: Euro 49,500 for the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire RG Constant Force (Red gold Au750 5N) and Euro 50,850 for the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire WG Constant Force (White gold Au750/Pd150).