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Greg Stevens Design GSD-3A Pilot Watch Review


Greg Stevens Design watches are ideal instances of what’s accessible out there when you take the preparation wheels off and get into autonomous brands. Stevens initially got his beginning as a custom tie creator; he found that it was hard to track down off-the-rack watch ties that would accommodate his significant wrists, so he started to make his own. This pursuit prompted watch plan and, at last, to the GSD-3A we have here. Before, Stevens’ watches were, as I would like to think, bigger than I might want on my wrist, despite how I loved the plan. This time around, he has combined the case down and bundled a brilliant pilot watch inside. This is the watch I’ve needed Stevens to work for a very long time now.

The Case

The GSD-3A Pilot watch comes in a 41mm steel case with an assortment of completions that Stevens applies by hand (with the undeniable special case being any covered cases). This is my own watch, so I picked a straightforward brushed completion all through — this gives it a basic tasteful that will age smoothly with some fair wrist wear. Haul to-drag on the GSD-3A is near 49mm and the thickness is simply over 13mm, making it pretty comfortable on my 7″ wrist.

The crown on the GSD is an unguarded ~6.4mm bit of steel with some sharp and viable gimping. It’s additionally screw-down, which without a doubt adds to the GSD’s 10ATM profundity rating. On that note, the profundity rating on the GSD is sufficient for a watch of this type (reference some different pilots like the Longines Big Eye with its 5ATM, or the Stowa Flieger with 5ATM, as well).

The hauls are basic 20mm penetrated carries, and the boring here is well-suited for a watch coming from a notable lash creator. The GSD-3A is similarly at home on a burly pilot tie all things considered on a NATO, and Stevens has ensured that you’ll have no issues trading them out.

The gem is acrylic, and I accept this was a stylish decision on the designer’s part to give the dial that level of reflection wanted by authorities of Heslite Speedmasters and other acrylic crystal(ed) watches. I’m unquestionably one who can value this, and I generally approve of it — in spite of the fact that I have a container of Polywatch at the ready.

The Dial

One obstacle a ton of free watchmakers run into is subsidiary dial designs. It tends to be difficult to plan something that is new and new, and creators frequently fall into set up sayings without endeavoring to plan something exceptional for their image. This is one territory in which I feel like Stevens’ watches dominate for one explanation principally: the emblazoning on the dial. We’re all acquainted with applied logos and lists, as we are with painted dials, yet what the GSD-3A has is a raised/embellished logo and model name. I have consistently discovered this striking.

The lume on the dial is professional, with huge raised (practically applied) plots at each quarter-hour and more modest plots on the others. Every one of the Arabic numerals is likewise lumed. The entirety of this gives the watch an exceptionally striking sparkle when you step in from the splendid daylight, also outrageous usefulness around evening time or in dull spots like a film theatre.

The hands are suggestive of IWC’s pilot-style hands with that tightened blade look. The enormous contrast here is that the IWC hands have matte dark frameworks that vanish into the dial, while Stevens’ are steel and can either be blued or left plain. (I’ve even seen some that take after gold.) That stated, I decided on all fours found that the layouts actually vanish into the dial more often than not except if the watch is in the immediate sun, where case you get the fly of shading. The lume on the hands is as powerful as the dial, sparkling splendidly all night.

The Movement

For the GSD-3A, Stevens utilized the Miyota 9015. For those not comfortable, this is a Japanese development that flaunts 24 gems, beats away at 28,800 bph, and has a 42-hr power hold. I’ve had 9015 developments in a few different watches, including other GSDs, and my experience has consistently been brilliant. One could contend that it is cool to see the GSD arrangement join some Swiss developments — however truly, I don’t know what esteem that would bring, aside from discernment. As estimated, these watches offer grimmense esteem in an attractive package.

The Strap

Stevens is a bespoke lash creator, so it comes as nothing unexpected that this is one zone in which the GSD watch line dominates. His lashes start at $150 and are made out of an assortment of new and vintage materials, including vintage cowhide ammunition pockets and other military sources. In this way, when you consider the tie the acquisition of the watch, you can start to see the estimation of the entire bundle, in any event in my opinion.

All of that aside, Stevens’ lashes are astoundingly made, as you’d anticipate from a custom tie creator. My specific lash is a produced using Horween’s Dublin calfskin in a lovely espresso tone. I have a few GSD ties, and they all run thick, yet they are additionally all outstandingly comfortable and break in nicely.

As I expressed before, “esteem” definitely becomes the first and most critical factor in deciding worth with a free watch brand, and I accept the Greg Stevens Design GSD-3A offsets quality with cost in some exceptional and sharp manners. Notwithstanding, moving past the worth condition, alone, I think Stevens has delivered a genuine champ here, taking the to some degree common saying of a pilot watch and adding some unpretentious plan components that set it apart from its competitors.

To give the competitive choices a decent deal, one clear watch to take a gander at is the Stowa Flieger Classic 40 ( look at Stowa’s site here ), measured at 40mm and including an ETA development. You’ll acquire the Swiss development and more conventional dial interpretations for the expense of 831,93 Euros.

Another premium choice would be the admired IWC Automatic Spitfire ( examined here by Zach ). Appeared at SIHH 2019, this watch will include IWC’s new in-house development and first rate completing no matter how you look at it — at an altogether expanded value purpose of $4,350 in steel.

Alternatively, independent brand Zelos as of late delivered its Skyraider watch ( covered here ) which includes an ETA 6498 (Unitas) development. Estimated at 42.5mm and evaluated at $899, the Zelos offers a genuine direct advance up, maybe, from the GSD — however once more, the expansion of a Swiss development is, in my psyche, for discernment alone. In this way, it comes down to an individual careful decision with respect to whether the additional cash is worth it.

As it stands, the GSD-3A is accessible in a wide range of case completes and can be matched with various ties from the GSD stable. The watch additionally dispatches with an excellent nylon NATO and in a decent metal tin. It is estimated at $645 and is accessible straightforwardly from Stevens at .

Necessary Data

>Brand: Greg Stevens Design

>Model: GSD-3A

>Price: $645

>Size: 41mm

>Would analyst by and by wear it: Yes, and I oftentimes do.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: This would make a great first mechanical watch with a demonstrated development and custom strap.

>Best normal for watch: The dial embossing.

>Worst normal for watch: The acrylic gem looks extraordinary, yet will demonstrate some wear and should be really focused on over time.