Girard-Perregaux - Constant Escapement L.M. 2017

Girard-Perregaux – Constant Escapement L.M. 2017

First presented as a model in 2008, the Constant Escapement – whose name is a gesture to Constant Girard (1825-1903) which, along with his significant other Marie Perregaux, established the brand – addressed a genuine forward leap in watchmaking. Utilizing the phenomenal properties of silicon that empowers the most creative constructions, this imaginative instrument could now supply the offset wheel with constant power that won’t ever lessen.

The innovation was continued in 2013 by the principal model executing the arrangement (we expounded on it here ) which, that very year, won the renowned “Aiguille d’Or” grant in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève .

This year Girard-Perregaux presented another Constant Escapement L.M. model highlighting a plan that is more specialized and contemporary.  The initials “L.M.” represent Luigi Macaluso (1948-2010), who was the leader of the Sowind Group claiming the brand and the person who chose to trust and advance this development.

Ensured by four development licenses, the new Constant Escapement L.M. repeats the system that established a particularly solid connection: a butterfly-wing outline is put between the switch and the equilibrium spring. This halfway gadget serves to help a clasped cutting edge estimating only 14 microns thick – multiple times better than a human hair.

Difficult to make in any material than silicon, this essential component gives off an impression of being coasting in a vacuum, taking on a wave-like structure. Hence flexed at the purpose of shakiness, it is equipped for putting away a specific measure of energy, prior to delivering everything simultaneously and communicating it back to the equilibrium wheel when a motivation makes it clasp starting with one condition of harmony then onto the next.

This totally novel constant power escapement makes it conceivable to supply customary driving forces to the wavering organ, whatever the condition of exhaustion of the barrel, along these lines ensuring uncommon accuracy.

Another unmistakable element of this extraordinary hand-winding Manufacture Girard-Perregaux development is its force hold. Two twofold barrels, comprising springs adding up to an all out three meters long, guarantee a remarkable one-week time of self-sufficiency – showed on a direct pointer at 9 o’clock. Hours and minutes are perused off on a balance counter at 12 o’clock. To guarantee an unhampered perspective on this instrument, just the seconds hand remains halfway fitted. The GP09100 development beats at a recurrence of 3 Hz (21,600 vph).

The impressive 46 mm-distance across x 14.84 mm-thickness case is water-impervious to 30 meters/100 feet.

Including an all-dark dial, the new Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. is accessible in pink gold, white gold or a carbon-titanium composite with costs beginning at around Euro 166,000/US$ 124,000.