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Brellum Wyvern Classic Petite Seconde Chronometer Watch Review

Swiss Brellum’s most recent item is the Brellum Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer watch, the company’s easiest item to date. A dress-style watch in appearance with vintage watch style, the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer is entirely current on the wrist, with its enormous height and mechanical, strong feel. I’m helped to remember some contemporary IWC watches each time I wear the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer, regarding both the manly presence of the item, just as the sorts of genuine settings it would be suitable in.

No watch is great, and the Brellum Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer isn’t without its minor idiosyncrasies. I found that the way where the primary hands cross inside the auxiliary seconds dial can require a significant stretch of time to become acclimated to, and the generally speaking bigger size of the watch causes it to feel more lively than dressy. To the last point, Brellum needs to put in a touch more effort to satisfactorily advertise the watch (however there is a solid market for dress watches that wear more like game watches). The name of the watch likewise doesn’t truly coordinate its character except if you read an excessive lot into “Wyvern” (the character in the brand’s logo). With a name like “Classic ‘Petite Seconde’ Chronometer” (which seems like a woman’s Jaquet Droz), the watch sounds more humble in size and more rich inclining than its more extensive measurements really give. In addition, the individuals who really like vintage-style watches likewise will in general like (however not all around) more coy models. Put another name and dial on this watch and its 42.5mm-wide, 100m water-safe case could undoubtedly be a games watch.


Some pictures shot on a blue disguise style Montblanc cowhide scratch pad background.

The case itself is pleasantly completed at the watch’s cost point. I’ve seen a lot of watches in this classification and value that experience the ill effects of helpless wrapping up. The steel case has a combination of brushed and cleaned lines — with the last generally going about as welcome point emphasizes against the reliably brushed surface zones. Over the dial is a “box-style” sapphire gem, alluded to as such due to how it seems to sit over the bezel, instead of inside it. The sapphire gem makes for a decent look, however despite the fact that it is AR-covered, it actually has altogether too much glare coming off it. The general look of the case is acceptable, yet I would call it “handsome” more than “pretty.”

At 10.9mm thick, the case is adequately thin to fit under a sleeve, yet with the general width of the case, the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer isn’t actually a “classic size,” as I referenced previously. (The case has a generally 51mm haul to-drag distance.) One of the most intriguing components looking into it is truly difficult to see, yet I found it. Turn the case over and you’ll see some help engraved composition on the fringe, outside the sapphire gem window. On the off chance that you run your finger over this content, you should feel the ordinary scratch of forcefully cut steel — however you don’t. Evidently, the case producer put modest quantities of clear enamel in the engraved pits to make the watch somewhat more pleasant against your skin. I truly acknowledge and love this sort of detail.

The investigate the Swiss ETA 2895 programmed development is pleasantly done. The sapphire precious stone is bigger than it should be a direct result of a rehaut ring just around the development, which helps the caseback seeing experience look like the development isn’t excessively little for the case (obviously it really is — not actually a ding or anything). The development itself has perlage cleaning and a modified Brellum programmed rotor. Brellum considers this development their type BR-895, and it’s a top evaluation 2985 working at 4Hz with 42 hours of intensity hold. As the equivalent of the watch suggests, the development has been COSC Chronometer-guaranteed for more guaranteed exactness and execution. The watch unendingly helps you to remember this with the “Chronometer Certified” name text on the dial.

Only the hands have luminant on them, and not the hours. The lume is meager however can be utilized to peruse the time. The auxiliary (petite) seconds hand has a candy style stabilizer, which has the luminant, very Seiko-esque. The applied hour markers are cleaned with welcome level surfaces. The gleam on the hour markers causes them balance well with the dark face on this reference WYC.130 form of the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer. Thus, one might say, clarity is high on this watch, and possibly it was a mishap or a great deal of going to and fro with dial materials and completions. The sapphire gem does, notwithstanding, have somewhat more glare than I’d prefer.

Other dial varieties of the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer incorporate the silver WYC.100 and the blue WYC.110. My agreement is that the dark dial rendition is the most clear, however effectively the most hip is the silver-dialed model with its dark hued luminant (which won’t really be an astounding luminant, yet will glance better in the light).

No dress watch would have a clasp as muscular as Brellum’s decision for the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer. There isn’t anything amiss with the deployant clasp, as such, yet it just isn’t for a dress watch. The crease over with press button locking deployant catch is more pleasant within than the outside. It is all in all too rakish for my enjoying, and the laser-engraved Brellum logo doesn’t have the stylish excellence of the inscriptions on the watch’s caseback. Inside the safe clasp is some pleasant perlage etching, which kind of matches the perlage etching on the movement.

The Brellum Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer comes on a 22mm-wide hand-made calf-cowhide tie in dark, and it is ideal to take a gander at. The lash end bends to coordinate the case, offering a closer and more alluring look. The slight gleam of the lash is quelled and manly in appearance. It is additionally a thick tie with a slight shape on the underside to make it more comfortable when wet; it likewise has an elastic liner for wear-obstruction. The tie, nonetheless, is very solid and can be uncomfortable, except if you truly push it and wear it in. I figure this watch would look better on a milder and more flexible calfskin NATO-style tie. It would likewise help draw out a portion of the watch’s sportier elements.

Brellum worked effectively with the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer, a watch more pleasant than numerous in its value classification. It likewise delivered a lively dress watch, an accomplishment not in every case simple to accomplish. It isn’t a belle of the ball, however its etched look gives the Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer a beguiling quality that fits with the SUV way of life so common nowadays. Proper for business-easygoing to rather exquisite clothing, the Brellum Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer is a reasonable valued choice with some great itemizing and positive character. Cost for the Brellum Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer (reference WYC.130) is $1,480 USD. Learn more or request at Brellum here .

Necessary Data

>Brand: Brellum

>Model: Wyvern Classic “Petite Seconde” Chronometer (reference WYC.130 as tested)

>Price: $1,480 USD

>Size: 42.5mm wide, 10.9mm thick, and approx 51mm carry to-haul distance.

>When commentator would actually wear it: When needing to dress carefully, yet not very elegantly.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Timepiece aficionado fellow who loves his stuff XL or bigger and needs a dress with some specialized cred to it.

>Best normal for watch: Case completing and development introduction as best executed components of the watch. Dial is retro yet apparently unique too. Wears like a games watch with a more exquisite personality.

>Worst normal for watch: Isn’t truly “classic” in the skin. Dial configuration can make some become acclimated to, however isn’t terrible. Lash is fairly hardened to start.